MODX3: broken Output Filter/Modifiers

Hello, I want to report something about my weird problems and discoveries with the new MODX 3 when using output-filters. Maybe someone has the same problems or hints?

It might have been a combination of things but now it works (solved, but not satisfactory).

I like MODX and think it is a very good CMF which is developed and maintained by many volunteers. This costs a lot of free hours. Thanks!

Due to the community and github I have a fresh MODX 3.0.1 install running without error logs. The annoying thing is that it runs smoothly with 2.8.x without these “bugs” like in 3.0.1 and I some things cannot understand, e.g. square brackets: sometimes I have to double bracket (mosquito method) a query to make it work (see below).

I use MODX 2 for some private and community pages since this version exists and have always kept it up to date. I’ve never had so many problems switching to a higher version as I have with the new version 3.0.x, therefore I keep my current 2.8.4 versions.

Now version 3.0.1 is out and I have installed it on a new apache server with PHP 8.1.11 and only a few snippets installed. Many snippets are here from the community, github or self created, which all run without problems on MODX 2.8.4. Yes, I am aware that there are problems with such major updates, also because of new PHP 8.1.

Especially I like the output-filters from MODX (one of my killer feature) which I use in many chunks, even nested output filters with chunks and snippets run almost without problems under 2.8.4, unfortunately this is not usable with 3.0.1.

I have found many links about this matter or similar and one is very promising (last link):

The last link fix works after changing the line 56 in modInputFilter.php (hope this will be included in MODX 3.0.2) and something like this works again:

[[*tvGalleryPath:notempty=`<div class="photos gallery">[[$webPhotos? &tvPfad=`[[*tvGalleryPath]]`]]</div>`]]

… except for instance:


which works in 2.8.4, but 3.0.1 is simply rendered as text and not parsed.

Today I set the 2 chunks to uncashed and it works:


TV with notempty filter and chunk (mosquito method):


similar, but this works without mosquito method:

[[*tvGaleriePfad:notempty=`<div class="photos gallery">[[$webPhotos? &tvPfad=`[[*tvGaleriePfad]]`]]

All this is crazy for me and as mentioned above, this could be a combination of several factors, which I have never had with MODX 2.


  • MODX 3.0.1 installation on Linux Server (Ubuntu)
  • PHP: 8.1.11
  • mySQL: 8.0.30
  • Server API: FPM/FastCGI
  • new site with this

btw, the new homepage with MODX 3.0.1:

Best greetings from Bitburg (Germany)

Sorry, I had forgotten the code block and markh has fixed it. He was trying to reply to the post yesterday when it was marked as spam apparently by an automated system. That’s why he wrote me a personal message and now my post is unlocked again, tks to the AI :blush:

According to Mark is the fix planned to be included in 3.0.2 and should fixed all the parsing issues.

I can confirm it is much better with this fix, just strange for me that I have to set some chunks to uncached (!) or must use double square brackets (mosquito method) like this:


Thanks! Jo

Hey @krischel, as I’ve prepared an alternative fix that should work more reliably in different use cases, would you be so kind to try Refactor input filter parsing to properly support nested tags by Mark-H · Pull Request #16288 · modxcms/revolution · GitHub and report back if that works for your use cases that were broken?

Hi @markh, I think that’s a bit better. Now I can use it again with cache like in MODX 2.8.x (as it should be). But for this I had to modify the call.

In my MODX 3.0.1 problem I use Chart.js to visually display weather data from the German Weather Service (my snippet without the chart: dwdWeather). For this I use multiple nested chunks like this (JS script included in template):

var ctx = document.getElementById('webJSWetterChart');

runs with MODX 3.0.1 and your fix, but I get this message in the Error Log:

…/modx/core/src/Revolution/modParser.php : 509) Could not find snippet with name [[+fc_0_3:str2float:gte=-99:then=$webJSWetterChart1:else=$webJSWetterChart2]].

This call works with MODX 2.8.x:


but the code is not parsed in MODX 3.0.1 with your fix and it is readable as text in the HTML source code.

Chunks webJSWetterChart1 and webJSWetterChart2 contain these lines which make problems for me:


These 4 templates contain JS code only and I changed it to:


(DWD provides some special data only at these times)

Yepp, it works! Unfortunately also with this errors:

…/modx/core/src/Revolution/modParser.php : 509) Could not find snippet with name [[+fc_0_1:is=00:00:then=$webJSWetterChartTPL00:else=]]. .../modx/core/src/Revolution/modParser.php : 509) Could not find snippet with name [[+fc_0_1:is=`06:00`:then=`$webJSWetterChartTPL06`:else=]].
…/modx/core/src/Revolution/modParser.php : 509) Could not find snippet with name [[+fc_0_1:is=12:00:then=$webJSWetterChartTPL12:else=]]. .../modx/core/src/Revolution/modParser.php : 509) Could not find snippet with name [[+fc_0_1:is=`18:00`:then=`$webJSWetterChartTPL18`:else=]].

I guess my syntax is wrong. These double square brackets (mosquito method) and the internal chunk without square brackets is probably more by accident that this works so? :innocent:

I don’t know, but maybe this report is helpful.


Thanks, I’ll try to look into those cases in the next few days.

Just to confirm, is it possible [[+fc_0_3]] is not yet set when that gets called? That would cause the inner tag to end up unprocessed in the outer tag and cause that “Could not find snippet” error.

Hi Mark, for instance this error:

…/modParser.php : 509) Could not find snippet with name [[+fc_0_3:str2float:gte=-99:then=$webJSWetterChart1:else=$webJSWetterChart2]]

I just checked the placeholder [[+fc_0_3]] which has now the value 11 °C and [[+fc_0_3:str2float]] the value 11.0 (it seems fine for me).

This is the placeholder for the forecast minimum temperature, which is always available (if not, the value has -273.2 ).

btw: To be sure, after your hint I added a default filter to my query:


Unfortunately this does not help either and the error log still appears.

Q: Is this syntax of the query basically OK? I mean the 2 times double brackets and the two chunks without double brackets?

Thanks for your time and investigation.

Yeah, that’s the mosquito syntax.

However the error you’re seeing is that the outer tag [[ ... ]]] is getting processed first looking for a snippet with the name of [[+fc_0_3....]], which suggests the inner tag isn’t parsed before the outer tag is.

The only reason I can think it’s doing that is because it doesn’t have the value for [[+fc_0_3]] when it first finds it, with it being set (for example by an uncached snippet) at another time. It may still render correctly because the unreplaced tag stays there for a bit until it does get the value or when it cleans up unprocessed tags, but it does cause these errors.

OK, thanks for your answer. Yes, calling only the placeholder or the chunk works, but not together with an if/then query.

Hello Mark, today I updated to MODX 3.0.2 and tested all my Output Filters, unfortunately I still have the error message in my Log.

I can us [[+fc_0_3:str2float]] or [[$webJSWetterChart1]] or [[$webJSWetterChart2]] without Error-Log but not in a nested chunk like:
[[ [[+fc_0_3:str2float:gte=-99:then=$webJSWetterChart1:else=$webJSWetterChart2]] ]]

Therefore, I also assume that as you mentioned, the placeholder value [[+fc_0_3]] will not be found the first time, so I included a small snippet to read it first and et voila, it works without error message :slight_smile:

[[ [[dwdChartNumber:is=1:then=!$webJSWetterChart1:else=!$webJSWetterChart2]] ]]

I need this filter to use 2 different charts, if the value of [[+fc_0_3]] is greater than -99, chart 1 should be used, otherwise chart 2.

Thanks for the hint!

A pity, I celebrated too early… I need to run the snippet without cache and so I get the same error messages in my Log.

(ERROR @ .../core/src/Revolution/modParser.php : 509) Could not find snippet with name [[!dwdChartNumber:is=1:then=$webJSWetterChart1:else=$webJSWetterChart2]]

So I use again:

[[ [[+fc_0_3:str2float:gte=-99:then=$webJSWetterChart1:else=$webJSWetterChart2]] ]]

This placeholder wants to piss me off, it works, but fill my Error Log.

Hi, here is my solution via snippet (runs since yesterday without error message):

$output = '';
$fc_0_3 = $modx->getPlaceholder('fc_0_3');

$number = abs(intval($fc_0_3));

if ($number == 273) { 
    $output = $chunk = $modx->getChunk('webJSWetterChart2');
  } else {
    $output = $chunk = $modx->getChunk('webJSWetterChart1');

return $output;

btw: use abs value so that I do not have to query with minus numbers (but this does not matter in this case)