How to add an admin user using MySQL shell or PhpMyAdmin?

Hello. How to add an admin user using MySQL shell or PhpMyAdmin? What tables and how should i fill in?


Why do you want to do that? Can’t you just add a new user in the manager?

The process isn’t that easy.

The main tables are modx_users and modx_user_attributes. (Maybe also use modx_member_groups to add the new user to a user-group.)

One of the problems with adding a user by hand is the password. You probably have to use a similar process like for resetting a password as described in this article:

Because I can’t log in with the correct password to the admin panel. When I enter my username and password, the /manager/ page simply reloads without errors.

Can anyone show an example of properly configured tables modx_users, modx_user_attributes, modx_member_groups?


It’s likely that the issue here is not the content of the user database tables.
Maybe there is a problem with creating a session/cookie.

After trying to log in, can you visit other pages of the manager like for example

Maybe it’s the same issue as in this thread:

The page just refreshes and I see the login form again.

Did you take a look at the topic I linked above?
The same behavior happens on MODX 3, when the system setting anonymous_sessions is set to true.

Are you sure your user has ACL permissions to use the manager? Is there any error message at all on the screen? If not, I agree with sessions being the likely culprit. That happened to me before due to a PHP update on the server. How was your user set up originally?