Upgrade issues can not login

i upgraded from 2.8.5 to 3.0.0 everything fine and then to 3.0.3
I could login after upgrade to 3.0.3 but then I logged out and now I can not login anymore

tried everything but cant get into the manager anymore pass and user are correct but it just refreshes page nothing happens no message, no error, no error in console. anyone else had this issue?

battling to find the issue…

I am guessing similar issues as here → After upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 manager not works

i will try contact hosting provider and see if it is also a apache issue

my problem is that it is not issuing a cookie or a session when you try login into the manager
I wonder what the problem could be? I did change session_handler_class = modSessionHandler to MODX\Revolution\modSessionHandler but still same issue. could it be an issue with the server ie apache? its on the clients host I dont have access to it.

Have you tried deleting all files in the core/cache/ directory manually, then visiting the site with your browser in private or incognito mode? There might be a cookie or session left over from the previous version that’s causing trouble.