GoodNews - status update

Hi there,

after a long absence, I have now resumed the development of GoodNews. For the upcoming release I will take care of the necessary adjustments for the current MODX versions. The deprecated code parts will be updated and issues that have been pending for some time will be fixed successively.

MODX 3 will also be a major topic!

Please stay tuned and watch this thread for further informations!

Greetings, Martin


Thread subscribed! Thanks!

A new version of GoodNews 1.6.0-pl is now online and available via MODX extras provider!
The new version is built for MODX 2.3+

[1.6.0-pl] - 2020-05-18


  • Added link_tag_scheme to GoodNewsGetNewsletters Snippet
  • Added help buttons in GoodNews resources (container, mailing)


  • [#66] Updated controllers to remove deprecated use of modAction
  • Updated installer and package builder to remove deprecated use of modAction
  • Changed GoodNews help URL (new docs site)
  • [#79] Allow password placeholder to be used in GoodNewsSubscription snippet


  • Removed fileuploadfield.js utility (already included with MODX > 2.3)
  • Removed mgr.css (no longer needed with MODX > 2.3)
  • Removed legacyMode
  • Removed deprecated use of modAction in js files


  • Fixed page header in mailing editor
  • Fixed undefined variable notice in cron.php
  • Fixed some old ExtJS legacy code for resource panels (GoodNewsResourceContainer, GoodNewsResourceMailing)
  • [#65] Fixed group names of subscribers groups surrounded by spans
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