virtuNewsletter setup

Hi, I am not familiar with the “virtuNewsletter”. Could anyone please help me to set it up?

  • I am not sure exactly what resource id and subject will be here.

  • In the documentation mentioned “You will need to provide some email templates for confirmations. These templates are resources, not chunks or standard templates. They can be left unpublished or hidden, it doesn’t matter. The pagetitle will be the subject of the email and the content will be the body of the email.
    I have created these three resources with the template that contains [[!virtuNewsletter.subscribe]] [[!virtuNewsletter.confirm]] [[!virtuNewsletter.reader]]

  • And added the form with resource id what contains [[!virtuNewsletter.subscribe? &categoryKey=category]] also changed the id in core/components/virtunewsletter/elements/emails/activation-email.tpl

I never used virtuNewsletter myself, so take this answer with a grain of salt.

“Subject” seems to be the subject of the newsletter-email. The content of the newsletter-email is defined in the resource you set with “Resource’s ID”.

I think you are mixing things up here:

These 3 resources are needed to handle subscriptions, confirmations and reading the newsletter via web.

For the email texts you can either create entries in the CMP under “Templates” or alternatively create new resources. If you use resources, you have to set the system settings virtunewsletter.subscribe_confirmation_tpl, virtunewsletter.subscribe_succeeded_tpl, etc. so the program knows where to read the email texts from.

I don’t think “activation-email.tpl” is used in the code. You probably have to copy the content to “Templates” in the CMP or into a new resource.

In general, the documentation doesn’t seem to be up to date. I don’t know how well maintained this extra is, but maybe you want to look at alternatives.

This documentation is confusing for me.
Could you please suggest me any Extra for the newsletter?

I need to implement this area in Modx.

I don’t have much experience with newsletters and I never used any of the available MODX extras.

But you could probably use the extras Subscribe and Notify by @bobray or maybe use a service like Mailchimp with the extra Mailchimp for FormIt.

There is also GoodNews that has been updated recently with plans to make it MODX 3 compatible.

@halftrainedharry Thanks for the plug. :wink:

@mark537 You should know that Notify is designed to send a notification email that contains a link to a resource on your site, rather than an attached newsletter.

I find it more convenient for everyone to do it this way, but your needs (or those of a client) may be different from mine.

With Subscribe and Notify, you can provide (optionally) a registration system and a built-in way for users to select both user groups and topics they’re interested in when they register and an easy way you can send notifications to only the people who should see it. Subscribers can also edit their selections later or unsubscribe, all without any work from you.

Once you’ve written a new newsletter resource, you just click on the “Launch Notify” button (on the TV tab), and then on the submit button and it’s on its way (assuming that you’ve set things up properly).