When you create a page, it's empty

Hi, unfortunately, I continue to have problems on several sites. When you create a page, it’s empty.

I started to solve problems here: After creating the page, the white sheet and the JSON error
On one site before creating the blank page was an error: “Processor failed creation output array due to JSON error 5”

Now on another site without errors, new pages are created empty. The page starts working if you press the save button twice.

Content on the site is published on Cyrillic. I encode the database with a screenshot.
%D0%90%D0%BD%D0%BD%D0%BE%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%86%D0%B8%D1%8F 2019-12-01 155732

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Did you end up having to change the collation on the db? From the looks of your picture, I am concerned that the db has…not changed collation. I could be wrong but don’t understand how they can be listed as utf8 but then as latin/swedish.

When you change the collation, its quite tricky, and you have to change the whole thing, not just some columns

If I have this wrong pls disregard

You might find this page helpful.

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I first thought that this MODX adds collation latin/swedish, but turned out to be a hosting provider.

Several sites work with latin/swedish and have no problems, and someone is less fortunate.

I’ll try to turn to the hosting provider.

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Thank you, I’ll try to study it and understand it.

Is this solution supposed to help with blank pages?

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The pages are quite possibly blank due to the collation error…you mean nothing shows at all, or just the text doesn’t appear?

I would think the page would render, but the text would not appear.

I think BobRay is right, you may want to follow that link of his to change your db collation all at once.

ASAIK the hoster wouldn’t have anything to do with this…if you’ve got the right collation on the db for your text it will appear

Firefox shows a blank page, and Google Chrome doesn’t click on the link.

So re-pressing the save button solves the problem?

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Hi, it seems there are many discussions going on here. You can certainly try the save button.

One thing you could do to check this situation out would be to make a simple page (resource) in English, just a few random words is ok. Then try to open the page in the browser. Make sure its just regular English, no accent marks or anything.

If the collation is the problem, then I believe this page will appear, because English is ok for Latin/Swedish collation. If it does not appear then I think the collation is not the only problem at least.

I do think you will have problems with Cyrillic in Latin/Swedish collation

By the way you have two databases?

Thank you, I’ll try to do as you pointed out and report. I have one database.

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Ok great, pls slow down and feel free to communicate with us at every step. We have a great crew of really knowledgeable supporters who can navigate you in.

This thread will also help multiple people in the future, so pls communicate to the extent you can.

There is often an issue in communication between those with a particular set of knowledge and those without, that terminology and understanding can get muddled.

I would ask you to log into your hoster and check your database information. Pls DO NOT post too much of that (such as password or db name) but do look at what is there and feel free to talk about it here.

Take a look at the character set specified in the core/config/config.inc.php file. I’m guessing it’s utf-8, which is recommended.

Latin1 (swedish) is the default for MySQL databases, so this will be the character set unless you change it.

It’s also possible to have a mixed DB (as it appears you do). The DB has a character set, but do do tables and individual test fields. You can look at the structure tab in PhpMyAdmin to investigate (SiteCheck will also test all character set stuff for you and report any inconsistencies – as well as a lot of other stuff that could be causing trouble).

BTW, I don’t think the collation is the issue (though it should match the character set). More likely, it’s the character set specifications. That said, it’s unusual for a character set issue to lead to a completely blank page, so there may be something else wrong as well.

Fixing the DB Character Set will at least eliminate that as a cause of the problem.

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Latin1 (swedish) is the default for MySQL databases, so this will be the character set unless you change it.

Meaning, when you first set up the db in Modx, if you didn’t configure the db to utf, its going to be Latin.

OP if your content is available outside this db, by all means make a new db with proper collation and import the data into it.