Uninstalling Articles

I’m struggling to uninstall Articles. I followed the instruction in this post: Articles not uninstalling, leaving errors in log

to find and change the class_key of ArticlesContainer to modDocument in the site_content table. That’s done.

There are a bunch of items in the table with a class key of Article, which are posts that were in Articles. Do I need to do something with these as well?

The Articles “folder” is no longer in the tree.

However that seems to have no affect. When I try to uninstall or forcibly remove Articles I get these are the errors in the console. Articles remains in the grid.

Removing files in file resolver: /home/xxxxxx/public_html/core/components/articles
Could not find files to remove.
Removing files in file resolver: /home/xxxxxx/public_html/assets/components/articles
Could not find files to remove.

Removing files in file resolver: /home/xxxxxx/public_html/core/components/taglister
Could not find files to remove.
Could not resolve vehicle for object of class modCategory; criteria: Array ( [category] => tagLister )

Removing files in file resolver: /home/xxxxxx/public_html/core/components/taglister
Could not find files to remove.
Could not resolve vehicle for object of class modCategory; criteria: Array ( [category] => tagLister )
Skipping modNamespace object (data object does not exist and cannot be removed): Array ( [name] => taglister )
Could not find package manifest at /home/xxxxxx/public_html/core/packages/quip-2.3.3-pl/manifest.php
Could not unpack package /home/xxxxxx/public_html/core/packages/articles-1.7.10-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/d9189c719deddd7488ad09c18904e010/quip-2.3.3-pl.transport.zip to /home/xxxxxx/public_html/core/packages/. SIG: quip-2.3.3-pl

Additionally, the original

It’s possible I messed this up by uninstalling the quip before articles. I don’t want to uninstall taglister because I’m still using it, but if I have to reinstall it later, that’s fine. Perhaps I should have uninstalled Articles before I upgraded to 3.04? In any event, here I am.

Modx 3.04

As always, any help is appreciated.

In MODX 3 use MODX\Revolution\modDocument instead of just modDocument.

Change the “class_key” column for these resources as well.

It seems that Quip was a subpackage in the Articles transport package. That usually gets messy, when you manually uninstall the subpackage first.

One way to fix it, could be to “Reinstall” Articles first, and then uninstall it again.

But if all the Articles data in the database (snippets, chunks, category, namespace (menu :gear: → Namespaces)) already got removed successfully, then maybe it’s simpler to remove the rest by hand.

  • Remove the line(s) in the database table modx_transport_packages.
  • Delete the zip transport package and the unzipped folder in core/packages.
  • Make sure the directories core/components/articles and assets/components/articles got deleted.

Thanks halftrainedharry! This is progress.

I’ve updated all the class keys, removed the zip transport packages and folders in core packages related to articles. I’ve also deleted the folders in the core and assets component folders.

Then I noticed all the original articles posts are still in the DB so I deleted those as well. Yes, I know I just updated those with the new class keys. Maybe I messed up on this?

So now

Articles is gone from the installer grid and most of the errors are gone. There is still this one that appears about a dozen times each time I refresh the manager.

Path specified for package articles is not a valid or accessible directory: /home/mcpytemp/public_html/core/components/articles/model/

It is about the same number of original articles posts that I deleted from the DB.

I also noticed that tagLister was uninstalled but still in the grid. I tried to reinstall, it failed. So I deleted that and downloaded it again and installed correctly. After clearing the cache and the error log, I still see this error repeated in the log.

I feel like this is so close.

I’m wonder where this is coming from.

It looks like there is still some code somewhere that tries to call the addPackage() function for “articles”.

  • Check if there exists a system setting extension_packages. If it exists and “articles” is listed in it, remove that part.
  • Are there still plugins from the Articles package that exist in the manager? (In the “Elements” tab → section “Plugins”.)
  • Did you make sure that in the menu :gear: → “Namespaces”, the row for “articles” is deleted?
  • Are there still snippets from the Articles package in the manager that may get executed on some page?


There is a line in the namespaces and there are several system settings lines. Do I just delete these?

These system settings aren’t the cause of the log error messages, but I believe you can safely delete them. And the namespace as well.


There was no extension package for articles listed.
There are no remaining plugins.
After I deleted the name space and the system settings, the error messages went away.

So I think I’m good to go.

I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much!

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