Articles not uninstalling, leaving errors in log

My error log is filling up with:
[2022-04-25 17:45:17] (ERROR @ [ROOT]/core/xpdo/xpdo.class.php : 644) Could not load class: ArticlesContainer from mysql.articlescontainer.

How can I clean up this error?

A bit of history, I installed the Articles plugin a while back to test. After a while I decided to uninstall it. As far as I know I don’t have any resources using the Articles plugin or snippets now.

  • When trying to uninstall I get errors saying it couldn’t be uninstalled. I can force package removal to clear it out of the package manager.
  • Reinstalling Articles will get rid of the errors in the logs, but it still won’t successfully uninstall. The same errors return.
  • The errors seem to pop in every time the resource tree is refreshed.

The only red text in the uninstall console was this:

Package [ROOT]/core/packages//var/www/html/packages/articles/_build/subpackages/ not found. SIG: taglister-1.1.7-pl.transport.ziptaglister-1.1.7-pl
xPDOVehicle validator failed: type php ([ROOT]/core/packages/articles-1.8.0-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/08210827218b080d320f878b95a7d860.validate.taglister.validator)
Package [ROOT]/core/packages//var/www/html/packages/articles/_build/subpackages/ not found. SIG: quip-2.3.5-pl.transport.zipquip-2.3.5-pl
xPDOVehicle validator failed: type php ([ROOT]/core/packages/articles-1.8.0-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/df83c2fcd32de60ae79be461feeb40f5.validate.quip.validator)
Package [ROOT]/core/packages//var/www/html/packages/articles/_build/subpackages/ not found. SIG: getresources-1.7.0-pl.transport.zipgetresources-1.7.0-pl
xPDOVehicle validator failed: type php ([ROOT]/core/packages/articles-1.8.0-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/e2ab6b599b4306cd03e17b1630bfe1b3.validate.getresources.validator)
Package [ROOT]/core/packages//var/www/html/packages/articles/_build/subpackages/ not found. SIG: getpage-1.2.4-pl.transport.zipgetpage-1.2.4-pl
xPDOVehicle validator failed: type php ([ROOT]/core/packages/articles-1.8.0-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/c70f6e18e8e207891b9664d3f69edd2f.validate.getpage.validator)
Package [ROOT]/core/packages//var/www/html/packages/articles/_build/subpackages/ not found. SIG: archivist-1.2.4-pl.transport.ziparchivist-1.2.4-pl
xPDOVehicle validator failed: type php ([ROOT]/core/packages/articles-1.8.0-pl/xPDOTransportVehicle/93618da3c93109fe1845ff8a1a38e5cc.validate.archivist.validator)

---- extra stuff that appeared to be successfull ----

Error uninstalling package with signature: articles-1.8.0-pl

That sounds like your Articles resources still have the class_key of ArticlesContainer instead of modDocument but uninstalling removes the Articles files so it can’t handle that class key anymore.

If you can get access to the database, have a look at the modx_site_content table and look for any rows with a class_key of ArticlesContainer. Change that to modDocument.

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That was it. I found two items with ArticlesContainer and Articles that looked like the sample content.

It is interesting that they weren’t visible in the Resource tree until I changed the class_key back to modDocument.

I remember having to comb the database for the both Quip and Articles references after removing them.

Articles needs code in the uninstall section of a resolver to change the class keys (though maybe it has that now).

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