Tiny MCE in Contentblocks = Hyperlink Window Z-Index


i use Contentblocks for many of my websites. with the last Update form Contentblocks 1.11.1-pl, and TinyMCE Rich Text Editor 2.0.1-pl.

In one case, i got an Setting in a Content-Blocks Field. On click on the gear icon in content-blocks element i got a rich-textwindow in a modal. all fine. at the last update from tiny mce the window for an hyperlink is under the tiny-mce itself. the editors cant see it. afer close the tiny-mce you can see it, but you cant save it :slight_smile:

it is possible to change the z-index, or a other fway to fix it

Maybe you could try something like this:
Add a new plugin that runs on the event “OnManagerPageBeforeRender” and adds a new css file.

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnManagerPageBeforeRender':
        $modx->controller->addCss(MODX_ASSETS_URL . 'tinymcerte_fix.css');

Create that new css file assets/tinymcerte_fix.css with content to overwrite the z-index.

.tox .tox-dialog {
    z-index: 1000 !important;

Thanks for your answer. I tried another approach in the meanwhile: creating a custom template (Custom Modx theme) which I use to inject some custom css to fix the z-index.

@markh Maybe this could be a useful fix to be included in one of the coming modx releases, as I can imagine that also other users may face this issue.

This is the CSS that I used to fix the alignment of the modal windows:

#contentblocks-modal-mask {
    z-index: 251!important;

#contentblocks-modal {
    z-index: 252!important;

Other values for the z-index may of course also work. Seems to be working until now.

I’ve logged an issue in our tracker to investigate and include a fix. This is not the only issue with TinyMCE 2 we’ve had reported so far.

For future reference please use the modmore forum or email support to make sure it lands on our radar. While I’m pretty active here, I definitely don’t see every new topic on this forum :wink: