Include custom CSS into manager

Hello, how can I add my own custom CSS into the manager to customize the tv’s appearance?


Should be able to do that with a custom manager theme. (add some style tags to the head template perhaps)
Or you could inject it via a plugin.

I’ve been trying to find info about that but can’t find anything, do you have any documentation?
I though there was an easy way to do it in settings or something.


I think this is what @digitalpenguin is talking about: Manager Templates and Themes I have never experimented with this though.

Yeah have a look in your manager directory under “templates”.

Create another directory there e.g. mycustomtheme.
Then copy the file you want to change from the default theme into your custom theme and make the changes. (bear in mind the file needs the same path as it has in the default folder)

Once you’ve done that, let MODX know you want to use your custom theme by changing the system setting manager_theme to the same name as your custom directory. Clear the cache.

MODX will then attempt to load files from your custom theme first and fall back to the default one if it can’t find it. So this means you don’t need to copy the entire theme over, just the files you modify.

Hope that helps!

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Mate thanks for your help, I’ll try and let you know.

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