Sort of Lost in MODX

Hello, I use to do simple websites with notepad and good knowledge of HTML since late 90’s, I have updated/upgraded my skills to HTML5 and CSS. Recently I got a new client that lost track of the original webmaster that set up his simple website and wants me to take over. The site has been compromised /hacked and I learn that it has been running on MODX 2.4 and never upgrade. So I have succesfully, after some failures, upgraded to 2.7.2-pl and the site looks back again normal. I have been able to do some changes and info updates that my client wanted. It is ok and not to difficult, but honestly I miss the way I did with HTML5 and CSS on notepad and now on Dreamweaver… but wanted to start a new site with only MODX seems to me, so far, like impossible… I just cannot get it! Am I stupid (well,not for Html and Css) so I am reading the info and still can get the know how to start a single workable page from zero.
Please suggest to me how can I learn this thing! Obviously I could just do HTML5/CSS and upload, but then no need to install MODX in my host. I want to learn MODX.

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Your not stupid. I’m new to MODX as well. It’s hard to get into, but it has been worth it. This community is so helpful. This video series got me on the right track, it opened a lot of doors, and I’m betting it will do the same for you.

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Thanks Mr_JimWest I am looking into the video series you just suggested.

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Hey elyisus,

It’s actually easier than it seems. MODX allows you to either use your static HTML code as is or to make it more dynamic using template tags. In addition to those video series, you should check out how to use templates. The documentation on building sites with MODX is especially useful and easy to follow.

Consider the following markup, taken from the docs:

    <meta name="description" content="[[*description]]"/>

Page ID: [[*id]]<br/>
IntroText (Summary): [[*introtext]]<br/>
MenuTitle: [[*menutitle]]




MODX will replace all the template tags or placeholders such as [[*pagetitle]] with values you enter in the corresponding fields when you edit the document.

Here’s an old (but relevant) video showing how to turn your static HTML pages into MODX resources:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot Treigh! sounds like a good start!

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You’re definitely not stupid! I must admit that MODX has a very steep learning curve and is still building necessary docs and guides for beginners. But coming from the same perspective as you, I really want to encourage you to take a deep dive into this system, because whenever you make it out, it’ll be all worth it and you’ll be building easy to configure websites in no time.

The guides and videos mentioned above are really helpful and whenever you can’t find a solution to your problem, you can be sure to get help from this beautiful community. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Vibedesign. I am already on it. Maybe my first frustration was that I couldn´t find a template to start with, now I know that one needs to design it or download it from another source. Still not completely clear, but with those resources that have been pointed out to the learning curve is taking shape! Thanks!

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If I may chime in.

Modx will display your css and html5 flawlessly. That’s the first step, you can put any template in there and it will appear exactly as it should.

You can get a template pretty much anywhere, just put in your base url and css call in the header, although things like menus would have to be re-built using some Modx extra. Or, you can start with bootstrap and design your own page.

However, Modx can do so much more. A static page isn’t so useful, we often want some dynamic content on the pages. Modx allows you to put dynamic data anywhere on the page.

Thanks Nuan88… I appreciated. I now see that there are a number of thing I have missed in the last recent years that I need to learn, excitings things like Sass, bootstrap, and the things that make websites “responsive”.

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If you’re in this section you probably already saw my video series but if you haven’t i like to think its a good start, but im biased. Just note that this series uses MODX3 mostly but everything applies to the current version of MODX and I recommend against using MODX3 for the time being until it’s stable.


Thanks ikFranklin… I am about to watch your videos.

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MODx theming is by far one of the simplest and easiest (I came from Drupal and I have experimented with WordPress). You just need the right material. Mary’s Pad tutorials use to be my go to when I started. she left the community but I think you’ll still find. Check

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Yes, with Modx you get the pure html and css. I experimented with WP back in the day, and the routine it used to make the page created inconsistencies