Simplified MODX Implementation by Jesse Showalter


As a new user, I find this collection of videos by Jesse Showalter, to be a wonderful entry to MODX. Although they are years old, 90% of it is still relevant today. :eyes:

These videos are actually what got me interested in learning more about MODX in the first place - thanks Jesse. :nerd_face:


I agree, they’re great!
Once MODX 3 comes out it could be a good chance for the community to make some more up to date versions!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Also, the MODX Video Quick Start Guide is a really good video series—especially the Your First Template video.

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That’s exactly what MODX needs: easy to understand tutorials and a detailed documentation. Therefore really appreciate the effort everyone puts into improving the docs :+1:

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Writing good documentation is hard work. It takes time and it takes practice. Similary, videos add further layers of effort and skills in presentation, production and editing. I applaud the people putting in the efforts to make a new documentation project more maintainable and more open. I can’t wait till it launches as the official replacement of what’s at

That said, in other open source projects, the culture of sharing and writing shorter form how-tos, demos and etc is high. It’s one of the key reasons that WP and Drupal are so big, their communities not only work with the software daily but they share how they do it as well. I’ve never been able to crack the code on why MODXers seldom write and share how they work.