Question about installing a custom extra that uses MIGX

I have a custom extra that uses MIGX, and have exported the various configs into the package folder.

Is there some way to use a resolver in the installer to make MIGX import these configs upon installation?

I’m not sure where MIGX stores the configuration, but you should be able to do just about anything in a resolver attached to your last install object so it will run at the end of the install.

I know where they are; they are exported to the package folder. I just don’t know how to script the resolver to pull them in.

I meant that I don’t know where MIGX stores the ones it actually uses in the course of its operations.

According to this post

you can refer to the migx config with the format “config_name:package_name” (instead of just “config_name”). It should then read the config from the file and you don’t have to import the config.

That’s interesting, but it sounds like this has to do with using MIGX configs in TVs. In my case, this is for a MIGX-DB-based CMP, not TVs, so the configs actually have to be installed in MIGX, yes?

Also, I’m not sure why you were having trouble exporting configs to a package. That’s been working fine for me. Did you find out what the problem was?

This should work for CMPs too. Use &configs=config_name:package_name in the field “Parameters:” of the menu item.

If you have to import the config, this is the code that runs when you click the “Import from package” button in the MIGX CMP.

I don’t think you can just call this processor directly, but maybe you can do something similar.

Yeah, I had found that and tried to adapt it, unsuccessfully so far. I’ll try your tip about adding the package name to the menu configs. That will be awesome if it works.

UPDATE: It works! That certainly simplifies things.