How to store and use MIGX configurations (configs) as files to use in other sites

Hi there!

I have a MIGX config for a template variable set up in one MODX site.

I would like to export this config to a file and then make it available to use as a config for a TV on another MODX installation.

Could someone explain how to do this or is there existing documentation that I just can’t find?

Thanks in advance for any help!

you can export MIGX - configs to a package

  1. create a package - folder under the Package Manager tab
  • add a package Name and click ‘Create Package’
  • this will create a folder under core/components
  1. edit your config and add this name under the tab MIGXdb-settings
  2. right-click your config and click export to package

Then you can copy that package - folder to your new installation or create a transport-package, which you can install on the new installation and click import from package to import the config into the new installation.
You could also just export the whole config as json by right-click into the config and do export/import.
Copy the whole json-string and paste it into an empty config on your new installation.

Thanks for your quick an helpful reply @bruno17.

I was missing the step “edit your config and add this name under the tab MIGXdb-settings”. Whenever I tried to export the config to a package, nothing would happen.

Now we can copy the package to our other sites and then refer to the migx config in the tv config as config_name:package_name. Nice!