Modx 3 - Minishop2 making manager blank

Hi. I am trying Modx 3.0.1 locally with Modx 3 compatible Extras and found that Minishop2 is making Manager completely inaccessible.

Fresh install of Modx 3.0.1

Installed Minishop2 and boom!(Could not install package) After refresh, Manager goes blank.
To make manager working again, I have to manually delete the Minishop2 folder from core/components.
Also there are no db tables related to the extra.

Modx version 3.0.1
Minishop2 version 3.0.5

[2022-06-20 20:49:32] (ERROR @ /app/modx3test1/core/vendor/xpdo/xpdo/src/xPDO/xPDO.php : 472) Path specified for package minishop2 is not a valid or accessible directory: /app/modx3test1/core/components/minishop2/model/
[2022-06-20 20:49:32] (ERROR @ /app/modx3test1/core/vendor/xpdo/xpdo/src/xPDO/xPDO.php : 666) Could not load class: miniShop2 from minishop2
[2022-06-20 20:49:32] (ERROR @ /app/modx3test1/core/vendor/xpdo/xpdo/src/xPDO/xPDO.php : 1267) Problem getting service miniShop2, instance of class miniShop2, from path 
PHP warning: require_once(/app/modx3test1/core/model/modx/modprocessor.class.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory
Install failed with Error in /core/components/minishop2/processors/mgr/category/create.class.php:3: Failed opening required '/app/modx3test1/core/model/modx/modprocessor.class.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php')
Could not install package with signature: minishop2-3.0.5-pl
Attempting to install package with signature: minishop2-3.0.5-pl
Package preparing to install.
Grabbing package workspace...
Workspace environment initiated, now installing package...