MODX 3 — can't install MIGX

Just installed the latest nightly for MODX 3 alpha 3 (Oct 26). Tried to download and install MIGX and it wouldn’t complete. Got this message:

Install failed with Error in /core/components/migx/model/migx/migxpackagemanager.class.php:3: Class ‘xPDOGenerator_mysql’ not found
Could not install package with signature: migx-2.13.0-rc1

Any ideas? Was there a new version in development for MODX 3? I can’t remember.

FYI, there was an official MODX 3 alpha 3 release on the 27th. It is slightly newer than the nightly.

MIGX is indeed not yet compatible. FWIW, I’ve emailed Bruno a few days ago offering a bounty for that as I can see this one would be a major obstacle to upgrading many sites.

Related GitHub links:


Indeed, MIGX currently isn’t compatible with MODX 3, yet.
But its on my list for sure. I think, it will be a lot of work, to get everything running again.
Hadn’t much time to look any deeper into what needs to be done and will probably not till the end of the year.
Pull 355 might be a good start.
And thanks @markh for your kind offer! I really appreciate that.
Maybe there are coming some more offers or donations to get me motivated.

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Thanks, downloading now.

If there’s a goal for how much you’d need, that can make crowdfunding more effective. There’s so many people relying on MIGX there surely will be others willing to pitch in.




Bruno - Please reach out to me on the Slack Channel/email…

We’ll cover your development cost to get MIGX into MODX3…

Talk soon.



Startet to prepare a cross compatible version for now.
With MIGX 3.0.0-alpha5 it should install and some basics, like MIGX - TVs seem to work so far.


Yes, MIGX TVs seem to mostly work. Nice progress! Clicking the gear icon at the right edge of a row doesn’t trigger the popup menu, though.

This has to be implemented explicitly. Please file an issue on github, so it doesn’t get forgotten. Thanks!

OK, just did added it.


I’ve just upgraded a website to MODX 3.0 and MIGX is not working.
This is critical as all the content pages use this.

The MIGX version running is 2.13.
In the package management when clicking on the Update it says “An error occurred while connecting to the Provider: No Package release found.”

On the web page there is no update either, it only has v2.13

Can you please advise if there is a version update for MIGX that works with MODX3.0?
I see there is mention of MIGX 3.0.0-alpha5 above.
Where can I get that from please?

many thanks


Many thanks.
I’ve applied the latest alpha version and it seems to be working almost all ok.
The resource paths of images dropped off, but that I can deal with by editing each.