MODX 2.8.4. Custom table with ExtraBuilder


always a headache for me…

Is there any tutorial how to use extrabuilder for building custom tables?
I am confused about versions and always there are problems.

thank you


I don’t think there is much documentation.

There is a video tutorial in this thread:

Do you have any specific problems?
What ‘versions’ are you confused about?

You might look at ClassExtender. It’s mainly about creating custom tables to extend modUser and modResource, but it could be used to create other custom tables. It mostly creates whatever tables are described in your schema.


I created a custom table using package builder.
I thought I wish the classes in same package, so I decided for this package name:


But with this I cant use migx?
migxdb setting expects only a packagename, right?

I’ve have never seen a package name in MODX with a dot. Not sure this works at all.

So why exactly did you choose such a complicated name? I don’t quite understand.

packagebuilder want this:

I’m not familiar with the ExtraBuilder on MODX 2.x.

Not exactly sure what it does here. Maybe try “adsresource.model.adsresource” (the same string before and after model).

In MODX 2.x I usually use the “Package Manager” from MIGX to parse the schema and create the database tables.

I want all classes for some custom tables in same package.

I suspect I need for every custom table a own package?
Or ist it possible to use more tables in same package?

Database tables are the <object> tags in your schema (“Manage Objects” tab in ExtraBuilder).
You can add as many as you like to the same package.

I realize that I have had a faulty reasoning.

thank you. I will restructure it. :pray: