ExtraBuilder + MIGX CMP Walkthrough Video

Hey all,

I took a stab at recording a walkthrough on using these two extras together to create some custom table and manager page goodness. Hope it helps someone. Thanks to Bruno and Jared for the great tools they have built for us.

Link to the MIGX TV types mentioned in the video:


I should note - I have not yet been able to get this process to work yet in MODX 3 - Bruno does have a beta of MIGX working in MODX 3, however it does not seem to work with the package keys/setup that is outlined in this video.

Also - I neglected to include an important step when you build your transport package. You need to include “Create Table” and “Remove Table” resolvers by running the two actions BEFORE you build your transport package. These will create the new table on the target system after install, and remove the table if you choose to uninstall the package. Important to remember :slight_smile:

Hi @robcarey

First off - you have a fabulous voice / accent :grin:

I just wanted to say thanks for the time you’ve taken to make this video.

I’ve just followed it through and I now have a shiny CMP hooked up to a custom db table.

I have never made a CMP before and I’ve never created a package before without having to manually create an XML schema.

Two excellent firsts!

Thanks also to @jaredfhealy and @bruno17



Hey @dejaya ! Thanks for the message and the kind words. The voice / accent is 100% pure Southwestern Ontario Canada rural :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you were able to follow my ramble and get something useful!


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thanks for sharing , this post helps me.

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Thank you for the video. You should start your own series called The MODX Ape!