Is there a MODX 3 Advanced Version to Download?

I want to install a new MODX-Website. As I want to harden the site it is written to choose in this case not the Traditional Version but the Advanced Version.

But as far as I can see there is still no Advanced Version of MODX 3. Correct?

Is it recommend to wait till an Advance Version will be available or nevertheless take the Traditional Version? Does the Traditional Version also allows hardening in the same amount just with a little bit more work or really better to wait for MODX 3 Advanced Version?

See Core folder - Upgrading from 2.x to 3.0 | MODX Documentation

As far as I’ve been able to tell, the end result of the Traditional and Advanced distributions is identical (except for the file that flags which distro was used). UpgradeMODX has always used the Traditional distribution, regardless of the flag.

That said, MODX Revolution 3 is a Beta version, so I wouldn’t use it for a production site.

There will be an advanced distribution of MODX 3. It will still have the ability to customize the paths of the assets, manager, and connector directories and where the content of each are extracted.

Note that although UpgradeMODX uses the Traditional distribution, it will respond correctly to those customized paths, although if you want to customize them during setup, you’d have to use the Advanced distribution at least once before using UGM.

I’ve been testing UGM and was able to upgrade directly from 2.8.3 to the current MODX 3 version (beta2). The problem was the Chrome browser cache. Once I turned on the Cache Killer Chrome extension, the upgrade went fine. There were no errors displayed during Setup (not the case without Cache Killer). I suspect that using Private or Incognito mode would work as well, though I haven’t tested it.

The specific problems I had without Cache Killer were:

  1. Unable to update modUser table during setup
  2. Various duplicate column errors during setup
  3. Unable to edit resources, though Quick Edit worked
  4. Keyword search in System Settings didn’t work, and the button to create new System Settings had no text.

I don’t think these errors were related to UGM, which simply puts the files in place and launches setup.

As far as I can tell, everything works now with Cache Killer, though it’s still possible that there are problems I haven’t discovered.

Installing MODX 3 I was trying to choose a different path for the manager (one folder level above the core folder) which I was going to connect by a subdomain but it ended up in a mess. Somewhere else according to this I have read that putting the manager folder out of the public web area is not recommend. Is this true although you haven written here something different implying it nevertheless should work?

Today there will be the first release candidate :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: New MODX3 release schedule announced & challenging agencies |

Calling the manager by a subdomain didn’t work on my server with MODX 3.


Changes I did in the


  • No item of the left menu of the manager is clickable
  • MODX-Newsfeed in the manager doesn’t load
  • MODX-Securityfeed in the manager doesn’t load
  • Clicking on Show Website (Top Menu) generates a incorrect link (based on the subdomain but not on the real live url of the website)

Any ideas what I might could have done wrong?

You have to make sure you have configured sessions to share the session cookie across subdomains.

The core folder cannot be moved in MODX 3. The manager, assets, and connector paths can all be modified still, however.

Unfortunately changing the session cookie domain still didn’t solve the problem.

We changed the session_cookie_domain to “” while the website is “”.

We also changed of the core folder: $modx_manager_url= ‘’;

and deleted core/cache

Any idea why this doesn’t work?

Installation is modx-3.0.0-rc1 and we cannot click on any menu item on the left menu bar and the errors are like this:

404 Not found for e.g.:

You said subdomain, but you are now saying separate domains. Those are totally different things. You cannot have your manager and connectors being served from two different domains, as they cannot share a session. They could be split on subdomains if the session is shared. Have you tried also putting the connectors on the same domain as your manager? This is where your troubles are starting.

[quote=“opengeek, post:12, topic:4866”]You said subdomain, but you are now saying separate domains.
Thanks. You are right. I unfortunately thought this would be the same :see_no_evil:

In the past I once built up one MODX-installation for several different websites on different domains (if I remember correctly by “context settings”). Because of this “multi-site/cross-domain-use” I thought separating the website from the manager on different domains should be no problem at all in principle.

Beside this is a separation by different contexts a good idea? Or will this sooner or later result in problems which are difficult to anticipate in all details from now?

My basic intention of such a domain-separation is to keep the manager access secret even when users share backend-links so links contain no information to which website they belong.