Subdomain for the Manager

Installing MODX 3 I was trying to choose a different path for the manager (one folder level above the core folder) which I was going to connect by a subdomain but it ended up in a mess. Somewhere else I have read that putting the manager folder out of the public web area is not recommend so I am now confused if it is possible to use a subdomain for the manager in MODX 3.

Does anybody know if this should work or not?

This works the same for 2 and 3.

The easiest way I’ve found to get it all to work on a subdomain hinges on two things:

It is more complex than just renaming the manager to something else. So far the only good reasons I’ve heard for putting the manager on a subdomain is to give it alternative security measures: things like IP restrictions/only having the manager accessible from the office, or different mod_security configuration which could only be set on a domain basis.