Gallery Manager does not show images

The Gallery manager does not show any images, even freshly uploaded. As can be seen below, the image is successfully uploaded.
MODX 2.8.4-pl, Gallery-2.0.0-pl
It was recently updated.

In the update of MODX I transferred the contents of the mysql tables into the updated version, including gallery-related tables. Are there any incaompatibilites here?

this shows, that the file was uploaded.

There is a bug in version 2.0.0-pl with the “Multi-Upload” feature.

For a fix see the links below:

Thanks - but the “element update” has the same problem.

What do you mean by “element update”?
The button “Upload Item” (“Element hochladen”)?

Yes, “Element hochladen”.

I can’t reproduce any issues with the button “Upload Item” (“Element hochladen”).

  • Are there any specific error messages in the MODX error log?
  • Are there any error messages in the browsers’s developer tools (in the tab “Console” or maybe in the response of a request in the tab “Network”)?

None in the ModX error console, but in the Browsers Dev-Console:
DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for https://***/manager/assets/modext/ HTTP error: status code 300, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE
The file exists. Could this be related?

The reason, others can not reproduce is probably because I upgraded ModX using these guides. Went smoothly except for this issue.
My suspicion is still on the mysql table structures for the gallery. The gallery manager’s excuse is “Es gibt keine Dateien, die dem angegebenen Filter entsprechen.” (No files exist for the specified filter.) The only filter applicable here is the album identifer. I have the table modx_gallery_album_items with 4 columns the 3rd of which is “album”. In this table there are rows which match the album identifier specified in the URL***/?a=album/update&namespace=gallery&album=3
There are of course 2 other tables involved: modx_gallery_items and modx_gallery_albums.

So it should work fine unless the table structure is changed in Gallery-1.xx to Gallery-2.0.0.

There shouldn’t be any changes in the table structure between these versions.

I updated the Gallery extra on one of my sites from 1.7.1-pl to 2.0.0-pl and still can’t reproduce the problem.

Do the original image files still exist in the folder assets/gallery/...?

Yes, the image files are in assets/gallery/<album>/<item> . Very likely the have been placed there by the Gallery manager.
Btw. the site has not only been updated but also migrated. I’ve scrutinized to really replace the server address in both files and DB but I may have missed something.

When you open the “Network” tab of the developer tools in the browser and then click on “Update Album” (manager/?a=album/update&namespace=gallery&album=1), it should generate an AJAX-request to .../assets/components/gallery/connector.php with the action-parameter “mgr/item/getlist” to load the pictures. What is the response of this request?

Interesting insight. The response is:
The empty result array is consistent with showing no album items. What does “total” return?
I checked it with some of the albums - the “total” number is zero with an album with intentionally no items.
So I guess, total and results are not consistent in this case. (Maybe I tried 8 times to insert an item in this test album).

When you execute this SQL query in phpMyAdmin (or a similar tool), does it work? (Replace `AlbumItems`.`album` = '1' with the correct album ID.)

	AlbumItems.rank, AS album, 
		FROM `modx_gallery_tags` AS Tags
		WHERE Tags.item = AS tags 
FROM `modx_gallery_items` AS `galItem` 
JOIN `modx_gallery_album_items` `AlbumItems` ON ( = AlbumItems.item AND `AlbumItems`.`album` = '1' ) 
JOIN `modx_gallery_albums` `Album` ON = AlbumItems.album 
LEFT JOIN `modx_gallery_tags` `Tags` ON `galItem`.`id` =  `Tags`.`item` 
GROUP BY id, rank 

Do you use MySQL 8?
There is a problem in MySQL 8 with this query because “rank” is a reserved keyword.

It is MySQL 8: Server version: 8.0.29-commercial MySQL Enterprise Server - Commercial

There are “ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax;” in this query.

I created this pull request a few days ago that should fix the issue with MySQL 8 and the “rank” keyword.

(Unfortunately there are 8 files that need to be updated.)

There is also a discussion about this problem in this forum thread:

Thanks, this explains it!

(I had hoped that this may solve the other problem I have. Apparently not, so I will open a separate trait.)

After the commit of 8 files, the gallery manager shows the images!
As far as I have tested (some functions as adding / deleting items, adding / deleting albums, writing caption) it works normally.