External configuration of TinyMCE Rich Text Editor

I’ve just been setting up TinyMCE Rich Text Editor with an external config file and wanted to share a few helpful details I figured out ‘the hard way’. Adding them here in the absence of a specific docs page for the extra.

The text file containing the config can be anywhere in your site and should contain settings in JSON form.

To configure the path to the file containing this text, set tinymcerte.external_config in system settings to be the absolute file-system path to the file.

There are three placeholders available:
{base_path} - points to the base of your MODX install
{core_path} - points to the core folder
{assets_path} - points to the assets folder

For example, a file placed at
should have a system setting of {core_path}components/tinymcerteassets/tinymcerte.conf.txt

Putting it into the core folder means it’s blocked from public web reading if your install is secured correctly and using {core_path} acts as placeholder that populates with the full server path, keeping this setting safe across different MODX installs.