Creating a directory which ends with a "+" doesn't load in ModX Dashboard

Hey all,

I ran into a strange bug when I was creating a directory on my ModX server. I wrote a snippet whichs grabs a vehicle image from an AWS server and saves it on the ModX server. Also, I’ve codied the path structure on the AWS server and recreate that path on the ModX installation server.

Example: suzuki/swift/gl/2020/gallery (AWS server path) to assets/aws/suzuki/swift/gl/2020/gallery (ModX server)

Something odd is happening if there is a directory that ends with a “+”. Some vehicle models are “gl+” and whenever I try to create “suzuki/swift/gl+/2020/gallery” on the ModX server, it is only creating up to “suzuki/swift/gl+”. I cannot load or view any directories after “gl+” in the ModX dashboard. However, if I use a FTP client like filezilla or a terminal like putty I can see that the directory was created but thr ModX dashboard doesn’t recognize it. This prevents me from accessing any directory or files beyond a directory ending with a “+”.

Any idea what is the cause of this bug? How can it be fixed?

Maybe it has to do with the fact, that a plus sign in the query string of a url represents a space.
If the manager makes a call to .../connectors/index.php?action=browser/directory/getList&id=gl+/&type=dir, the id-parameter is possibly interpreted as gl plus a space.

Yes, an interesting bug.
Files are no longer displayed in the element tree if they are inside a directory with a “+” in the name (although the file is in the directory). And the preview for the picture also ceases to be displayed if there is a “+” in the name of the picture.
However, there are no such problems in the MODX file browser.
Maybe we should create an issue on github?

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I’d create an issue for this. It sounds like a bug that may be worth fixing.

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I created an issue on github -
If additional information appears, it is worth adding it to the issue.