Can't add Image in TinyMCE RTE

I’m not quite sure, but I suspect since the update to 2.8.2 I can no longer insert images in the TinyMCE RTE. When I click on the “Add image”-Button, the dialog window appears as usual and when I click Browse, a blank window appears with the title “MODX :: MODX Resource Browser”.

If I have the inspector window of the browser open I see 3 errors. The errors are thrown at the sime time as the blank windows appears.

What I’ve done so far:

  • Cleared the Cache by deleting all file under {core}/cache
  • JS Compression checked to be disabled in Settings
  • Re-run the Setup of 2.8.2
  • Re-installed TinyMCE RTE
  • Temporarly go back to PHP 7.3.20 (from 7.4.8)

Any ideas what I could do next? Any help is highly appreciated!

This is probably the same error as in this thread:

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Thank’s for the link - it-s definitely the same problem. Workaround from Mark (Pass auth token to the config in the Browser controller by Mark-H · Pull Request #15692 · modxcms/revolution · GitHub) did the trick. Thanks a lot!