MODX 2.8.2 breaks Media Manager compatibility with TinyMceWrapper

After upgrading a few sites to 2.8.2, I noticed that the Media Manager doesn’t work when editing and trying to place images or link to documents. The Media Manager window opens, but it’s just the Media Manage title and a blank white screen. The Media Manager works just fine outside of TinyMceWrapper.

Anyone else having this trouble? Any ideas on a fix?

Very likely the issue fixed here:

Haven’t verified it with TinyMCEWrapper myself though, so if you can please apply that fix and report back if that does the trick. 2.8.3 is planned soon.

Yep, that fixes it right up!

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@markh I am seeing the same issue, when is 2.8.3 due for release, and is there a work around in the meantime?

You can manually apply the fix I posted above. Or temporarily hold of from the 2.8.2 update.

I don’t have an exact release date for 2.8.3 as that depends on when several reported issues are fixed and tested but the initial goal was to do a new release in ~2 weeks.

Thanks for this @markh

Will this fix need to be removed when 2.8.3 comes out? Any idea when the proper 2.8.3 revision will be released?

The fix will likely be overwritten on upgrade and replaced with the appropriate changes. We had hoped earlier this week but I believe there were some outstanding bits and pieces to resolve. I suspect by next Tuesday. I’ll see if I can find out more this afternoon.


I am manually adding in the path to the html on the document - a bit of a pain. Fingers crossed the update happens soon. Thanks !

2.8.3 has been released.