Cache issues on NFS (error 500): move cache or change settings?

We are experiencing recurring cache issues on a series of MODX instances. 500 errors appear regularly (not everytime), blocking the sites.

The MODX folders are located on an NFS server. The web roots are mounted on 2 RedHat servers (Apache) in NFS v3 behind a KEMP loadbalancer doing SSLoffload.

Should we suspect a safe flock problem as mentioned in Strange and critical cache problem on shared hosting - #2 by markh Has anyone ever used an NFS mount? Would moving the cache folder to a local partition help? If so can we move the folder and configure it as it is done for the “core” folder?

Thanks for your advice

Yes, that’s what use_flock was added for: networked drives without a reliable flock() implementation.

There is a cache_path config option but I’ve never tried moving just that to a local partition/drive.