Article comment message coming through as "0"

I’m running MODX revo 2.7.2 with Article 1.7.13 and Quip 2.3.3 and noticed that when someone post a blog comment, it comes through as “0” for the main message / textarea… Any ideas on what the issue is?

Had the same Quip issue with “0” for one project, will recheck this and return later with solution.

Probably duplicate question to this thread :wink:

@himurovich - Thanks - that would be a great help

@vibedesign - thanks - so, I need to update the quip files as per the changes noted at yeh?

Yes, that’s what worked for me. Although I recall more issues with nested comments, like when somebody replies to a comment and so on… Quip seems to be abandoned at that point but I understand that you probably want to stick with it because of Articles.

Thanks - confirmed that implementing fixes at works - not tested nested replies yet…

Yeh, using quip with Articles so not in a place to change this without huge work!

I’m about to get it working again! Thanks for testing :slight_smile: