Quip not showing comments properly

I’m using Articles together with Quip and I’m facing an issue

After posting a comment, the name and Gravatar show correctly, but the actual comment text doesn’t show. Instead it just shows a 0. I can’t even update the comment in the manager. It always shows 0.

Here are all the chunks I created, although I only copied the default from the docs and made aesthetical changes (I think). There are more default quip chunks defined within articles which aren’t generated as chunks in the elements tree (but they still seem to work…)

comment section call (default by articles)
   <div class="post-comments" id="comments">
      <br />
      <h3>Add a Comment</h3>
   <div class="sidemenu">
      <h3>Latest Comments</h3>
quipAddComment chunk
<span class="quip-success" id="quip-success-[[+idprefix]]">[[+successMsg]]</span>
<form id="quip-add-comment-[[+idprefix]]" action="[[+url]]#quip-comment-preview-box-[[+idprefix]]" method="post">
    <div class="quip-comment quip-add-comment">
        <input type="hidden" name="nospam" value="" />
        <input type="hidden" name="thread" value="[[+thread]]" />
        <input type="hidden" name="parent" value="[[+parent]]" />
        <input type="hidden" name="auth_nonce" value="[[+auth_nonce]]" />
        <input type="hidden" name="preview_mode" value="[[+preview_mode]]" />
        <div class="quip-fld-1">
            <label for="quip-comment-name-[[+idprefix]]">[[%quip.name? &namespace=`quip` &topic=`default`]]:<span class="quip-error">[[+error.name]]</span></label>
            <input type="text" name="name" id="quip-comment-name-[[+idprefix]]" value="[[+name]]" />
            <label for="quip-comment-email-[[+idprefix]]">[[%quip.email]]:<span class="quip-error">[[+error.email]]</span></label>
            <input type="text" name="email" id="quip-comment-email-[[+idprefix]]" value="[[+email]]" />
        <div class="quip-fld-2">
            <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="notify" id="quip-comment-notify-[[+idprefix]]" [[+notify:if=`[[+notify]]`:eq=`1`:then=`checked="checked"`]] />
            <label for="quip-comment-notify-[[+idprefix]]">[[%quip.notify_me]]<span class="quip-error">[[+error.notify]]</span></label>
        <div class="quip-fld recaptcha">
            <span class="quip-error">[[+error.recaptcha]]</span>
        <div class="quip-fld">
            <p><span class="quip-allowed-tags">[[%quip.allowed_tags? &tags=`[[++quip.allowed_tags:htmlent]]`]]</span><span class="label">[[%quip.comment_add_new]]</span><span class="quip-error">[[+error.comment]]</span></p>
            <textarea name="comment" id="quip-comment-box-[[+idprefix]]" rows="5">[[+comment]]</textarea>
        <div class="quip-fld submit"> 
            <button type="submit" name="[[+preview_action]]" value="1">[[%quip.preview]]</button>
            [[+can_post:is=`1`:then=`<button type="submit" name="[[+post_action]]" value="1">[[%quip.post]]</button>`]]
        <br class="clear" />
quipComments chunk
<div class="quip" id="comments">
    <h3>[[%quip.comments]] ([[+total]])</h3>
    <div id="quip-topofcomments-[[+idprefix]]"></div>
    [[+comments:notempty=`<ol class="quip-comment-list">
quipComment chunk
<li class="[[+cls]]" id="[[+idprefix]][[+id]]" [[+depth_margin:notempty=`style="padding-left: [[+depth_margin]]px"`]]>
<div id="[[+idprefix]][[+id]]-div" class="quip-comment-body [[+alt]]">
    <div class="quip-comment-right">
        [[+gravatarUrl:notempty=`<img src="[[+gravatarUrl]]" class="quip-avatar" alt="" />`]]
    <p class="quip-comment-meta">
        <span class="quip-comment-author">[[+authorName]]:</span><br />
        <span class="quip-comment-createdon"><a href="[[+url]]">[[+createdon]]</a>
        [[+approved:if=`[[+approved]]`:is=`1`:then=``:else=`- <em>[[%quip.unapproved? &namespace=`quip` &topic=`default`]]</em>`]]
    <div class="quip-comment-text">
        [[+replyUrl:notempty=`<p><span class="quip-reply-link"><a href="[[+replyUrl]]">[[%quip.reply? &namespace=`quip` &topic=`default`]]</a></span></p>`]]
    <div class="quip-comment-options">
    <div class="quip-break"></div>
    [[+children:notempty=`<ol class="quip-comment-list">[[+children]]</ol>`]]

Any suggestions how to solve this?

Not very fond of Quip. Try Discuss (https://docs.modx.com/extras/revo/discuss)

Discuss is a worse recommendation than Quip in my opinion :grimacing:

Maybe you meant Disqus (http://disqus.com), which is decent if you’re not worried about privacy/ads as they’ve gotten a bit questionable over the years.

As for the comments not showing up, can you see if they’re stored properly in the database? Anything in the MODX error log that relates to Quip?

I don’t really want to switch to another solution because of its integration within articles.

I guess that the respective column for the comments content is under modx_quip_comments > body which only contains a 0 for every comment. So it looks like a 0 is put into the database for whatever reason.

// Everytime I comment I get these:

[2019-05-20 21:48:00] (ERROR in xPDO::getService @ [path]/core/xpdo/xpdo.class.php : 1234) modRestClient::__construct is deprecated since version 2.3.0. Use the modRest classes instead.
[2019-05-20 21:48:00] (ERROR in modRestCurlClient::__construct @ [path]/core/model/modx/rest/modrestcurlclient.class.php : 26) modRestClient::__construct is deprecated since version 2.3.0. Use the modRest classes instead.

// There is one older entry directly related to quip but didnt reproduce when I just made a test comment:

[2019-05-17 23:40:22] (ERROR in modMenu::getSubMenus @ [path]/core/model/modx/modmenu.class.php : 145) modAction support is deprecated since version 2.3.0. Support for modAction has been replaced with routing based on a namespace and action name. Please update the extra with the namespace quip to the routing based system.

Looks like it has been reported before:

With a potential fix here:

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Good find! Looks like I missed that…

So just to be clear I can simply make the same changes to the quip files like in the pull request? Or do I need to do something else? It doesn’t look like Quip is much maintained atm, so I don’t want to wait for an update…

The relevant part in my patches is the tiny change in the schema. Probably something removed in PHP that didn’t cause problems before.

I needed a discussion system and Quip looked best, but I found the code to be extremely hard to understand and decided to remove the leftovers before going into real business. Got stuck. Now I’m probably dropping the whole thing and going Perl/Mojolicious/PostgreSQL instead. More buzzwords…

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Tickets is also a great system for commenting/discussions in MODX, much more modern and well-supported compared to Quip. Not all documentation is in English, but probably enough to tap into its powers.

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Wow indeed. Disqus was what I meant, pretty easy to use.

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I just did and it works! Thanks alot everyone!

@alipang What about the unused code part, is that really not used within Quip or was that just personal preference?

Like mentioned above I’m a little tied to Quip because of its integration within Articles and I’m not motivated enought right now to build a new solution but I’ll definitely look into it if I need something similar in the future. In General I feel like there’s still the proper go to solution missing if you want to setup a full feature blog with MODX.

But that works for now so I’m happy, thanks again!

P.S. Whoever is developing Quip atm (or probably is not right now) really should accept those pull requests or give permission to someone who is willing to work on it. Having ready to go solutions but no update is a waste of time…

Comments should be basic for any web platform. MODX empowers you to work better, safer, and faster :slight_smile: Perhaps a modelling tool like CMPGeneratorPro is the way to go instead of fixing Quip if you’re handy.

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