All replay texts in Articles turn to 0

I am using an Articles plugin to create a blog page. When I try to leave a comment on an article, it is visible in the preview, but after clicking the Post button, the text turns to 0

I tried the settings, installed the Quip plugin, but all the same, all replays for the article turn to 0.

In the replay field, all responses come in the form 0

Looks like I had this same issue before:

I ended up just not using Quip (or Articles) because it wasn’t really working out. Maybe look up the terms Articles and Quip in this forum to see all potential issues, I’ve had quite a few there…

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On my Articles blog, the comments don’t show up until I approve them in the Manager. That could be your issue.

Maybe I should publish a new release. I hope to do that in the upcoming weeks.


I found the problem. I had to reinstall the old PHP version 7.1