Why is public_html showing and repeating in my default page?


Hoping someone has a quick fix for this or has encountered it before. I just moved my site over to fix a really old one on Bluehost and it went relatively smoothly, but now the first page gives a brief 500 error, and the address shows:


Has anyone seen this? Any idea of a fix? I used the default bluehost .htaccess with symlinks on, and removed what had been keeping PHP at a really old version to support the old site.

The rest of the site resolves perfectly, it’s just this landing page?

Thanks for any help,

This happens when I click the home.html link in this site which takes it back to the default page of the site. I’m futzing, but if anyone has any idea of what to look for to fix, I would appreciate it.

Probably a misconfiguration somewhere after moving it across, I’d start with checking your core/config/config.inc.php file and the .htaccess.

Thanks for jumping on this - appreciated!

I figured it out and it was just Tha Stupid on my part. I had two pages with an alias of ‘home’ and it was stuck in this endless loop of resolving that I guess until it just gave up. The original site I had copied had index on the container for the home page, but I’d just started playing with Revolution and completely missed it.

Sorry folks, and thanks :smiley: