Why css file do not make change


I just installed a new instance and I use formit for the template.

<div class="container-fluid">

I added the following my my style.css file

	max-width: 900px;

That’s very simple, but the change is not apply to my web site.

When I look at the source of the web page. I can seee the link to my style.css file, and when I click on it I can see my change, but the change are not applied.

With firedebug, I can not see the size for the class container-fluid.

On MODx, I cleared the cache but it did not help?

What can I do to see immediately the changes?

Your CSS file might be cached by your browser. You could try adding a version number to the CSS file.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css?v=1.1">

Is it possible that you have an unclosed div above that? It’s worth pasting the source of the whole page into the W3C validator to check for errors.

No, in fact the problem was due an error to my css file. I corrected it.

But, I observed something annoying.
I am actually working on the css file.

For example, I change the h1 tag in order to have smaller caracter and I also added a temporary border for debuging.

When I refresh the page the changes are not shown. But sometime later, the changes was applyed.
I make new change, and it happen again.

From Administration menu, I clear the cache but it did not help.

I wonder why the CSS changes seams to be cache somewhere. Is there another way then deleting the folder /core/cache, if that is the solution?

Note: I am not very is a problem with the cache of my browser because it happens as well with Safari and Firefox. I have to press at least 5 time ctrl+r to have the change (at best time)

Thanks and good evening

It’s funny, because the changes are shown quickly, but this after noon, it was really not the case