Who is using FRED?

I was just asking myself how many of you are using FRED in their projects? What is your experience with it? Are you still implementing parts without FRED so that the user has to switch between backend and FRED?

I use FRED on a number of my clients’ websites and it’s working really well. Really recommend it! Apart from enabling my clients to easily edit the content, it’s also a really quick and flexible way for me to layout different kinds of pages without creating different templates.

I’ve mainly used it for simple sites without the need to access the backend so far. I haven’t tried it on multi-language sites or blogs yet so it would be interesting to hear if anyone has experience with that.

I’ve used FRED quite a bit. It’s excellent for blogs and content layouts where clients want to get creative with columns and section planks.

It gets a bit tricky with snippets like galleries and forms. You have to remind some clients to view certain pages in another browser or when NOT logged in so pages render.