Which is the best way to upgrade modx

I need to upgrade the Core from 2.8.1 to 2.8.3
I noticed a UphradeModx extension from Bob ( UpgradeMODX 2.1.5-pl)

Is enough to use it (additionally to backup the DB and the core)?

Or should I dowload the MODX 2.8.3 and replace the setup folder. I am not very sure to how to do it.


Hey @pierrot10

You should find instructions for a manual update here: Upgrading MODX - Maintenance | MODX Documentation

I’ve not used the @bobray UpgradeMODX extra but his extras are usually excellent.

Other automated options are the brilliant SiteDash … and if your host has software management features such as Softaculous, you can import your installation and upgrade from there. I find both of these methods extremely reliable and both will backup database and files.

Good luck,


UpgradeMODX does not back up the site, but otherwise it is very reliable and convenient.

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