Where is pdotools

Did pdotools get removed from the extras provider at modx.com?

Is there a specific reason for it to have disappeared?


Hi Roy,

You’re right, unfortunately author has removed it from MODX repository, but you you can always download it from Modstore repo, please install sdStore extra from MODX repo and find pdoTools there.
Here are some other helpful resources for understanding:

https://modx.pro/news/20858 (Here’s why he did it, please use Google Translator)


This is really bad…

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pdoTools is available again from the MODX site.


Things changed really fast. Hope this is a good sign.

Anyway, according to the author original post, these extras will not be upgraded on modx.com repository. Only on modx.pro repository. So it didn’t change anything in the end basically.

This is one of the most important extras for Modx imho. It would be a pitty to see this happening with other important extras as well.
Modx community was a lot stronger some time back. I agree that Modx needs more visibility and have a way to attract more developers and users.

I really hope for the best for the future.

I had a chat with Vasily this weekend about what happened with regards to this sudden escalation, and he agreed to re-release pdoTools precisely because it’s such an important extra. I expect that to include future upgrades as well but if that turns out not to be the case we can figure out a way to help Vasily with that. For now, Vasily’s most important extras are available again.

That said, I happily recommend everyone to get acquainted with modstore as that’s also filled with great extras (including all of Vasily’s!). A lot of people outside of Russia are not familiar with what’s available from modstore which really is a shame.


Well, I am not a Russian speaker, and I know modx.pro store for a long time. Google translate is our best friend. I believe that language barrier is not an issue anymore on these kind of communities.

Just to say that I am worried that modx loses its visibility. It is an incredible cmf with incredible capabilities. I hope that it will have a long and healthy life.