What's the difference between the Support and the General section?

The thread title basically says it all:

What’s the difference between the Support and the General section?

I find it difficult to deside whether a question belongs in the Support or in the General section. Or more precisely I see the same type of questions asked in both sections.

As far as the Support section goes I think everything which is needed help on belongs in there (or in the related sub-category).

To me the description of the General section sounds more like actual tutorials or instructions on how to do certain things should be put in there (without somebody explicitly asking for them):

Creating websites with MODX, industry trends, tips, tricks, and howto topics.

Maybe there’s a major difference I am missing or there needs to be more clarification in the sections description. Would love to hear more input on this.


Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. Support is for question content, and General is for content that really doesn’t need an answer (but doesn’t fit in the other categories). As discussed, we’re going to make a subcategory for “Showcase” to show off your projects, and “Tutorials” for how-to content (guides, videos, etc ping @lkfranklin) :slight_smile:.

… and done!

Tutorials sub-category
Showcase subcategory

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Then most of the threads in there probably need to be moved to the Support category.

Although I really like the idea of having tutorials and such on here, shouldn’t this be more something for the general docs?

It really depends. There’s content that people produce that I don’t think (personally, not a company opinion) should really live on the docs. For example, video content, blog content (Bob has a ton of these), etc. I don’t think every piece of how-to should belong on the docs, it can quickly grow stale (and is sometimes very opinionated). I.e. Fred vs Content Blocks?

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