What's the best way to get a MIGX TV value to a separate template?

I use MIGX to create an easy to edit news section on a site. I want to to show only one MIGX entry on the home page and all entries on a separate news page.

Users should be able to edit all news from within the home page TV section in the manager. Therefore I have the getImageList call with &limit='1' in the home page template.

Now I need to get basically the same getImageList call on the news template but with the values entered in the home page template of course.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

Did you checked the Migx documentation? I think there is a similar example there.
As I understand, you want a featured news with title, image and content and then all other news on different page.you have e to create a tpl for news archive.

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Well, I don’t know how I missed that… :expressionless:

Thanks alot, works like a charm!
(Simply added the docid='2' property to the getImageList call.)

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