What setting in Access Policy Governs the Drag and Drop of images

I have a website where I have a restricted set of permissions so these users can only edit the Blog area of the site. It works fine, except when they try and drag and drop from the images on the left in the file structure, into Content Blocks.

I have spent the last couple of hours ticking and unticking permissions to try and figure it out, but no luck.

Any ideas what setting might control this?

When I test it, the code makes an AJAX-request after the drop to the contentblocks-connector with the parameter “action” = content/image/download.
In the corresponding processor core/components/contentblocks/processors/content/image/download.class.php there is this line

if (!$this->source->checkPolicy('create')) {

to check for the “create” policy on the media source.
So maybe that is missing.

Thanks for the help - I’ve had a look at all the settings for “media” and “create” and I honestly can’t see which could be controlling it.

Maybe try adding the Media Source here:
(cog-wheel icon in top menu → “Access Control Lists” → right-click “Update User Group”)

Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 11-45-48 User Group Administrator MODX Revolution

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That user is already a Media Source Admin. I’m so confused!

Hey @rachelmarama1 ,

I see you’ve got a minimum role of Editor - 10 on media source access. What’s the user’s role set to?

User is set to Super User.

I’ve had situations like this when I can’t figure out which permission is causing a “Permission Denied” error and sometimes there’s more that one permission involved. To find it I will create a duplicate of my Access Policy and assign the user group to it and then systematically check all permissions (say) 10 at a time starting from the top until the error goes away. That way you can narrow it down & when you’ve found it, adjust & re-assign you original Access Policy.