What is the Collections “Open” button for?

There is an option to put an “Open” button in a Collection row, along with View, Edit, etc. What is that button supposed to do? When I click it, I just get a grid that says “This resource doesn’t have any children”. If I make a resource that is a collection, and put it under an existing collection, then it shows up in the tree, not in the list of resources belonging to the top collection.

If you instead make a resource that is just a normal Document [not a Collection] - it should show in the view you see when clicking Open on the parent. In this way, I think the Open button logic makes sense.

I’m not sure what you mean. When you make resources in a collection, there is no way to make another resource that is a child of a Document resource in the collection.

Once you click Open on a Collections Resource - the Create Child button will create a Child for that resource … sorry if I didn’t explain very well.

The Open button just allows you to maintain and traverse a multi-level tree structure within Collections’ “treeless” view.

It allows you to create and view a resource’s children.

Here’s a collection, My Collection. It has two Children.

If we click on Open for Collection Resource #1 - we see that it has no Children, but we have the option to Create Child for that resource.

If we create a sub resource, we can then view that new resource and see it’s path in the breadcrumbs.

If we go back to the top-level My Collection and click Open for Collection Resource #1

We can see it now has a child resource.

I don’t think there would be any other way to get around the heirarchy without the Open button.

Does that make more sense?

Looking at this again - I think I can see where the confusion may lie.

Returning to this page:

The label telling me what resource I’m on is coming from ModDevTools so if you don’t have that installed - it may not be obvious because the breadcrumbs at the top do not reflect the current Resource.

Hopefully my last post will help but this could probably be regarded as a bug in Collections.

Or perhaps a feature request :person_shrugging:

Oh. Yes I see now that this lets you create children inside children. The navigation is really funky, though; it’s not easy to go back to the parent. The ModDevTools breadcrumb doesn’t do anything when I click on it. And, there seems to be no way to tell that a first-level child in the collection has children of its own, other than clicking the Open button to see if anything is there.

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