What is the best way to create a Modx blog in 2020

I create a business card site. I want to implement a blog in tile style, like this https://makebecool.com/blog. Tell me, now in 2020, how is it best to implement? Which tool?

Very easy with articles.


you don’t need articles. Articles is not very flexible and has lots of hardcoded stuff, like unchangable snippet-calls and that.

you could just use resources. For better organizing them, you could use the collections - addon…

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Thanks for the advice!
Then I want to create a blog through resources using PdTools to display posts on the blog page. What do you think about this?

If you just want to display a nice grid of blog posts (resources) like in your example site, that’s definitely a good and probably the most performant way to go. Like Bruno said you might want to use the Collections extra though, to avoid having a huge resource tree and to get a bunch of other nice features.

I used Articles in the past and I agree very much that you can get stuck easily with it when you try to customize it further.

Thanks again for all the tips! Thanks to you, I decided on the method. And already started implementation :slight_smile:

Cool, also check ouy pdoPage.