Wayfinder &includeDocs=`[[+tv]]` works in Evo but not in Revo

I’m working to convert my Evo site to Revo. I have a product summary page that has a table of products. In the table cell I make the following wayfinder call:

[[Wayfinder? &startId=`50` &includeDocs=`[[+nhs_material-characteristics]]` &outerTpl=`wfBlank` &rowTpl=`idPageTitle` &ignoreHidden=`TRUE`]]

This works in EVO and populates the table cell with the material characteristics set for that product. It doesn’t work in Revo.

I found that if I take out the wayfinder call and just put [[+nhs_material-characteristics]] in the cell, In Evo I get the comma delimited list of IDs (e.g. 34,35,38). In Revo it outputs 34||35||36. Since this is not a comma delimited list, it doesn’t work.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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I forgot to add that in Revo, I do get one result but only one result even when it should list several.

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OK, I figured it out. The Wayfinder call was in a chunk being called by getResources. I was missing the &processTVs=1. now works. Yea!

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Glad you got it sorted. You might find that pdoMenu / pdoResources (pdoTools) would work better in the long run.