Wayfinder + Gallery

I’m using Wayfinder to grab resources that contain a TV for galleryalbumlist.

[[!Wayfinder?startId=`10`&outerTpl=`FeaturedHomesOuter`&rowTpl=`FeaturedHomesRow`&ignoreHidden=`1` ]]

The rowTpl calls a photo gallery:

[[!Gallery? &album=`[[+MobileHomePhotoGallery]]` &toPlaceholder=`gallery2` &thumbTpl=`FeaturedHomesCode`]][[+gallery2]]

The FeaturedHomesCode:


I’m not getting any images returned and i’m sure it has to do with the gallery snippet nested inside of the wayfinder snippet.

Can someone help out with this? Here is the temporary site: http://evangelinehomes.redball.modxcloud.com/

I’m trying to get the thumbnails to show up for each resource under the Featured Homes section. Wayfinder is grabbing each resource correctly but the gallery snippet is returning nothing for each thumbnail.



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Try removing &toPlaceholder from the Gallery call (so it simply returns directly rather than setting it to a placeholder that’s immediately used), and make the call cached (= remove the exclamation mark).

It’s also worth checking if [[+MobileHomePhotoGallery]] has the expected result by placing it outside the snippet call, I don’t know off-hand if Wayfinder fetches all TVs or if it prefixes the values.


Thank you for the quick reply. I removed the placeholder, cached the call, and moved call into the Wayfinder rowTpl chunk. Thumbnails are now being generated!

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