Was the new Extra page style, with more information, implemented?

Hello some time ago we had a discussion about the extras layout. I just searched for something, and noticed that at least the search output is still the very limited, two lines max description and nothing else

Maybe we were only talking about the page style for one extra? Seems to me this work was done…

We visually redesigned the Extras views at https://modx.com/extras/ and not in MODX. Ultimately, we hope to have better two line descriptions and possibly more detail on hover and some feedback for developers to provide better, more useful descriptions. Many descriptions are quite poor to nebulous. In addition, we’re hoping to add a functional rating system that won’t be so easy to game. Historically, we had trouble with the voting where competing Extras were being down voted via campaigns and up voted similarly.

What would you like to see to improve the extras?

Hi and thanks, yes I remember now, the lightbox was the solution to still keep more results and yet provide more info

I just had an idea for ratings, would it be possible for Modx to do like a poll of extras, I mean installed extras?

Showing the real installed base would be a powerful benefit for the big boys perhaps, but it could help the little guys too, 50 people for example is a real community.

It could be hard to game, other than by making new installs and installing the extra on them, seems hard work. IDK it might not be easy to do

I just realized when searching for a poster in extras, man I would like to know downloads within X days…but dang that can be gamed can’t it

One option is from 2011…who knows you know?

How about updates to the contents! That makes the dev show a little love, and show activity. Devs can step up and that will help a lot!

Seriously, let’s try like updated page time or something, the devs will just make a cron lol but it will show activity, which is so key.

Ideally they are showing fixed and updates, but let’s keep it simple