Viewing unpublished resources partially not working (as sudo admin)


I am able to find a few posts on this same topic, but they seem to find either conclusions that turn out to be coupled to something unrelated in my case. Or they are simply never solved.
Hence me creating a new post for this.
Also realising the amount of information is limited, as I am not sure what you would need from me in this case. So please let me know if something is missing what you need to help out.

Web context view unpublished is working.
2nd context view unpublished is not working (when unpublished gives 404’s).
Context settings are all set the same way (not including any UID’s).


Unknown. Haven’t had this issue before.
But for visual aid I will add certain settings as screenshots.
Also the contexts both have their own domain.

  1. They use their own templates.
  2. The same TV’s(made to be used seperately as per needed basis by making available for X templates).
  3. The same chunks for structure (I write exceptions in the chunks if needed for now).

Observed behavior

Web context shows unpublished resources.
2nd context does not show unpublished resources.

Expected behavior

Both contexts (and any future ones) show unpublished resources.
Account used is sudo/default admin. Should have no restrictions permissions wise. (also checked just in case after reading a few old posts.)


MODX 3.0.3-pl

I’m not 100% sure but I think you may want to set an error_page for the contexts.

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Hi @smashingred,

This seems to have done the trick for the 2nd context.
Somehow the error page is not thrown for unpublished web context pages

(they just seem to end up looping to the Under Construction page which is also fine for now)

This is no longer accurate. This is because the content on those specific pages does not exist yet. They are identical at the moment to the under construction page. So this is expected behavior!

But at least now I can work with both contexts having unpublished resources and me being able to see them as a manager.

So I will take this win, and consider it resolved for now.

Thank you!

Kind regards,


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I should say, I think this is probably a (longstanding) bug. I believe that there’s missing inheritence of the error_page from the System Settings and I also believe if error_page is not set, it should use the the site_start.

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