Version X missing versions


Version x is no longer listing versions of any resource, chunk, etc.

Step to reproduce

Not sure how it happened, the client just reported it. As far as I know it has been working. No major changes to the installation.

Observed behavior

It says, there is no data to display. If I click on clear filter, it says, processor not found: mgr/chunks/getlist or mgr/resources/getlist depending on the type of element.

I tried reinstalling the extra, without deleting and re-downloading. No change.

Expected behavior

How it should behave after following the steps above.


Hosted at Godaddy, Modx 2.7.1, Versionx 2.2.2, php 5.6

are these processors there? I think under core/components/versionx/processors/

Ah thanks. I didn’t know where to look for the missing processor. They are not there. I checked some of the neighboring directories and they seem to be intact. I can’t image how these could have been deleted.

I tried reinstall in the installer, but it didn’t fix this issue.

If I uninstall and remove, then reinstall, will I lose the version data?

Is there another approach?

Uninstalling/removing will leave your versions safely in the database, so that’s fine to try, but that isn’t all that different from just using the reinstall button.

Are you getting any errors/warnings in the installation log when trying a reinstall? Perhaps file/folder permissions are preventing the installation from copying the processor files?

Yes, there is this message during install. It zoomed right past me.

I’ll have to check if the client can upgrade their hosting (on some older accounts, you can’t upgrade php) or I’ll have to revert back to an older version.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  • PHP 7.1+ (minimum): Ă— 5.6.40
    Unfortunately, the minimum requirements aren’t met. Installation cannot continue.
    xPDOVehicle validator failed: type php (/home/svaroop1109/public_html/core/packages/versionx-2.2.2-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/b59c4e2aef0f4dd7b8e5f90983f0db1a.requirements.script.validator)
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