Vapor Class missing for Template


i am totally new to modx and bought a template from envato.
I allready contacted the template-author but did not get an answer yet - so i ask my question here:

I cannot install the theme and i get this error:

Konsole läuft …

Versuche, das Package mit der Signatur joleaf-1.0-pl zu installieren
Package gefunden … Bereite jetzt die Installation vor.
Greife auf Package-Workspace zu …
Workspace-Umgebung eingerichtet, installiere jetzt das Package …
Installing files from /usr/www/users/kopfpro/web/entwurf/ to /usr/www/users/kopfpro/web/entwurf/
Installing files from /usr/www/users/kopfpro/web/entwurf/ to /usr/www/users/kopfpro/web/entwurf/
Installing files from /usr/www/users/kopfpro/web/entwurf/ to /usr/www/users/kopfpro/web/entwurf/
Installation fehlgeschlagen mit Error in /core/components/vapor/model/vapor/vaporvehicle.class.php:24: Class “xPDOVehicle” not found
Konnte das Package mit der Signatur “joleaf-1.0-pl” nicht installieren.

Can i fix it myself or do i have do wait for template support? I already tried to install some other packeges but like “vapor” but it didn’t help.

which requirements does this package have?
doesn’t it have any install instructions?

with which MODX version is this package compatible and on which version are you trying to install it?

Joleaf - E-commerce MODX Theme - cbs review (

found this. As it seems, you will need MODX 2.8.4 then

Ok great, did not see this. Thanks a lot. I will try