Using NAS for hosting websites


My question:
Can you properly host a MODX website (or any web application in general) on a Synology NAS? And if not, what are the concerns/risks as why the answer would be no?

Why the question?
For my brother in law I am basically looking into whether or not it is a good idea to host any kind of web application on a Synology NAS at home. And I am looking into building him a modx website, but I want to be sure whether or not the idea of hosting it on a NAS is viable.

Extra info regarding the NAS environment:
My brother in law is a IT Engineer (setting up internal IT services etc. for companies that they have as clients), so he uses all kinds of security layers on his home network as well as different networks to separate their own personal use, business use as well as guests. He also has active and passive monitoring tools etc… So this should not be read as a ''standard home set-up" when answering my question.

Type of NAS:

This thread maybe closed and ignored unless others could find this type of info useful.
My brother in law and I have decided to go for a proper server set-up and are now looking into getting this done.

It really depends on what NAS version you are using, but in general, it kinda feels like the wrong approach, as far as I understand network attached storage is for that, storage, and although a website needs storage, is not the core of its working, unless of course you are just doing plain JAM sites, but in MODX you’ll need PHP running, having said that, one option would be to run docker inside your NAS, of finding a way to directly install PHP + dependencies directly, but again, it feels like the deployment its going to be more complicated than the site building itself

Yes, you can, but there are some potential issues i feel, like:
One of the biggest concerns is security. NAS devices are typically not designed to be used as web servers, and they may not have the same level of security as a dedicated web server. This means that there is a greater risk of your website being hacked or attacked.

Another concern is performance. NAS devices are not typically designed to handle high levels of traffic. If you have a website that gets a lot of traffic, you may experience performance problems.

Finally, you may also have to deal with compatibility issues. Not all web applications are compatible with NAS devices. If you are planning to host a specific web application, you should check to make sure that it is compatible with your NAS device.

Hi brother, hope this helped :slight_smile: