User name not shown [[*publishedby:userinfo=`fullname`]]

The user name is not shown when I use [[*publishedby:userinfo=fullname]]
I think this is the right format?


Should work - however - I’m not sure if this value is populated if the Resource was published by default when created.

Try unpublishing a resource and then publish it again - see if the placeholder works then.

Just tested this and it seems that the value is populated in that scenario too. However, I had to unpublish / publish resources to see this placeholder work. Perhaps it was just the cache.

Certainly works for me anyway.

Somehow the symbols disappeared from my post.
[[*publishedby:userinfo=`fullname`]] is what I used.

Unpublishing and publishing again do not work.

Why do the quoatiotion marks get removed??

The text you enter in this forum has Markdown format.
Backticks (`) are used in Markdown to create a <code> tag.

If you want a single backtick (`) to be visible, enclose the text with double backticks (``):


Pretty unhandy, how could I know?

The editor has a little code button to make it easier:

I tried that but didn’t work

Returning back to the actual question:

Does the tag [[*publishedby]] output anything?
It should return the ID of the user who published the resource.

The output modifer “userinfo” should then return the specified field for the corresponding user.
Does a user exist that corresponds to the ID in “publishedby”?
Is there a value for the field “Full name” defined for this user? (Maybe this field is just empty and that’s why you don’t see an output.)

No nothing unfortunately. It returns nothing.

I also tried createdby btw.

I checked with all users if the Full name was filled in.

Where exactly do you use the tag [[*publishedby]]? In the template? In the “content” field of a resource?

If you use it in a chunk that is used by a snippet like getResources or pdoResources, you have to use a placeholder instead → [[+publishedby]].

In the concent field.

Oh, when I solely use [[*publishedby]], it renders an ID number! Sorry, I think I overlooked that in the beginning.

And there is NO user with that ID. So that’s why.

But how to change the author of a resource?

To update the value of the publishedby field, you could unpublish the resource and then publish it again when you are logged in with another user.

A cleaner solution is probably to update the values directly in the database:
database table = modx_site_content, column = publishedby.
(Maybe back up the database first, in case you mess something up.)

Database :open_mouth:? I’m not a developer. Why is MODX so complicated regarding this simple stuff?

How can I log in as the user the resource should be assigned to?

Depending on your hosting provider, you may have access to a tool like phpMyAdmin.
With phpMyAdmin you can just change the data in a grid. You don’t need to be a developer for that.

I know, but it feels a bit overdone. One would expect MODX would offer that in the resource itself.

You can take a look at this issue on Github, if you are interested in why such fields don’t exist.

I’m not on Github. I just want a functioning CMS.

You don’t need to be “on Github”. It’s just a link to a webpage.

You can click the link and read the discussion. You’ll find the reasons why fields like “createdon” and “publishedby” don’t exist in the MODX manager (and probably never will).

Or don’t click the link and don’t read it, if you are not interested.