User manual modx 2.8.4

hi modx

is there any link for a modx user manual for end users? this MODX Documentation | MODX Documentation is just general docs for developers perhaps - it’s not for “website owners” to show them how to add/edit pages, move pages, add photos etc etc. any ideas of links would be much appreciated. i googled for it and there are a few broken links to modx manuals but no live links. there must be some user manual out there?


As far as I know, there’s no general user manual. I also think it would be very difficult to create such a manual as MODX is so highly customizable and might look very different, depending on the site, the user permissions, installed extras, customized menus and so on.

Usually when my clients need a manual I go ahead and create one myself based on screenshots of the actual site using the actual account they will use later (or one with equal permissions). This guarantees that everything they see in the manual is as is in their manager.

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thnaks for the feedback @vibedesign . I agree that modx evolves, but having no user manual whatsoever is hardly the best answer :slight_smile: . every other cms has a user manual , even very small cms systems. And modx has had user manuals before. There isn’t even “user manual” type information in MODX Documentation | MODX Documentation .

yes, for big custom websites we would create a manual - but for “basic” modx sites, the control panel is the default modx and a generic user manual would work perfectly.

You might find this useful, though it still has MODX Evolution references that should be removed.

There is also this.