User group fails to purge deleted items from MODX Trash Bin

Hi all …

Members of the Administrators group can purge deleted items fine.

Members of a non-Administrators group can go through the motions of purging items fine, but ultimately, the files persist. No errors are received via MODX or in PHP error log.

The non-Administrators group uses an ACL with purge_deleted and remove permissions. I have confirmed that this ACL is in use.

The users can see the Trash icon, enter the Trash Bin page, select items , click Purge Selected Resources, confirm the “this cannot be undone” message. The page reloads and both panes refresh, but the files persist.

Via Chrome dev tools I can see the request to remove the files looks like this:

1. action:

2. ids:

modx5c9de5d2xxxxxx.73xxxxxx_135cb5e354xxxxxx.53xxxxxx [redacted]

And the page’s response looks like this:

{“success”:true,“message”:“Nothing was purged, no errors occurred.”,“total”:0,“data”:[],“object”:[]}

The only other difference I’ve noticed between the two user groups is that when an Administrator right clicks an individual deleted item, they get a context menu offering to purge or restore it. The non-Administrators group gets no context menu.

Have I missed a permission in the ACL?

Any thoughts V welcome!

MODX 2.7.1

I should add the ACL also has delete_document permission

Similar issue here. I am on ModCloud and created MODX 3 install.

However not even Administrators as SuperUsers can purge. Deleted resources are there to stay.