Use output filters inside NewsPublisher tpl?

I am using NewsPublisher and want to add some cutom code to the &listoutertpl=listOuterTpl chunk.
Wanted to use a output filer here also but this does not seem to work.

Can I use ouput filters inside NewsPublisher tpl chunks?

I tried:

  class="[[+npx.class]] block text-sm font-medium leading-6 text-gray-900"
    class="block rounded border border-gray-300 py-[0.32rem] text-base"

But this


does not work and I see DEFAULT even when npx.fieldName is test…

Any other way to get several different listOuterTpl chunk in NewsPublisher? Depending on the TV that is used?

I did take a look at the code and it seems that a simple string replacement is used for the [[+npx.xy]] placeholders and not the MODX parser.

So it’s probably possible to call a snippet/chunk like this (with the placeholder as the property)

[[mysnippet? &fieldName=`[[+npx.fieldName]]`]]

in the template to generate different output. Although this is kind of ugly.